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Individualized - Prescriptive Learning - 
Math, English, Social Studies and Science  in a Work-text format
for  3rd through 12th grades - plus a wide variety of high school electives! 

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Providing Homeschooling Curriculum for Academic Success

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"Your kids were not created in a factory -Why should they be educated in one?"Kids Are Not Carstells the story of Starline beginning with the research foundation and success stories and ending with a practical "how to" guide that suggests the best way to successfully implement the Starline Solution, a comprehensive system of learning, utilizing the Starline Press Curriculum.
Starline Press is a 3rd through 12th grade, Math, English, Social Studies and Science as well as a variety of high school electives for homeschool and independent learning.
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A record book for one year's worth of academic work, with pages for daily goal setting, quaterly grade record, annual units completed with scores and STAR Chart. Developed to be used with the Starline Solution for Learning.